The whole idea behind an SLR camera is that you can change lenses to suit what you are shooting and the conditions that you are trying to deal with. But as soon as you do this on a regular basis with a Digital SLR, the problems start. However careful you are, specks of dust find their way onto the sensor and show up on the light areas of your pictures.

One solution is to try not to change lenses too often by using an 18-200mm zoom, for example, but however good these lenses are (and my Nikon is fantastic) it does defeat the object and for the serious stuff, you need the best glass possible.

Well, to cut a long story short, I found the other day, having taken a bumper number of shots of the British Superbikes at Silverstone that I had two or three quite large marks on the sensor. One of them was showing as a 5mm long line on the PC monitor and it didn’t look like a hair, more a smudge.

I was discussing with colleagues whether to try and clean the sensor myself or head for our local, well trusted camera repairer and it looked as if the latter was the preferred solution.

Before doing that, I had been looking on the web and the Hurricane Blower seemed worth a try. As I was passing a local Jessops store this morning, I popped in and found that their version, the Rocket Blower, so called because it stands on a rocket type base, retails for an incredible £8. Worth a try therefore but I wasn’t optimistic as the mark really did look like a serious smudge.

Imagine my joy therefore when after a few good blows from the Rocket, I took a shot of some white paper, downloaded it and blew it up and there wasn’t a trace of a mark.

I realise that I might just have been lucky, but I did have three marks to deal with. So I am now totally converted to my blower. If it ever fails to deal with some dust, I will then try one of those suction devices, as this is a more serious version of the same principle of using air to clean the sensor. Touching the sensor, even with professional hands, should be the last resort, in my opinion.

Rocket Blower

Rocket Blower

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  1. Awesome share! Thank you very much

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